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Team DEG Licht GmbH

DEG Licht GmbH company

Here you will not read, as at so many web-sites, a text about the rich history of the company, its innovativeness and success.

We will write simply and honestly: we are a small team of developers. We just pack light in the tech environment. Each of our spotlights is a little invention that solves technical or technological problem.

We figured out how to make extremely thin beam of light without using expensive technology.

We did a spotlight which can withstand seawater, and you can believe it, we kept the spotlight under water for one year, before releasing it to the market.

We did the spotlight which as Lego can be assembled in accordance to your needs.

In our production we use components that we purchase in Europe and of course the final assembly is done by our small company in Germany. We proudly proclaim that our spotlights are made in Germany and conform to German quality.

And we love them.

And we love the challenges that we want to solve. You just have to tell us what kind of light do you need...

Best wishes
Team DEG Licht GmbH

Bright accents of the fine light…


The first international design seminar

Category: News & Events

The first international design seminar dedicated to accent lighting in architectural lighting took place at the Aegean coast of Kea on November 20-24th, 2014.


Let there be light!

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This site is about what we are used to from birth, without which life is impossible on the planet. About what we are sorely lacking in his absence, the source of which we begin to look at...


Balcarka cave

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This cave is situated in the northern part of Moravský kras (Moravian Karst), in picturesque part of Suchý žleb (Dry Valley) close to Ostrov u Macochy in nature reserved area called Vintoky...



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