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Accent lighting: a new trend in architectural lighting

It is difficult today to imagine a megapolis without its lights, garlands and neon signboards. Lamps of different types and sizes are now used not only for the satisfaction of basic human needs consisting in the lighting of the room in the night, but also as a way to attract attention.

Now both lamp producers and professionals that work on illumination of buildings, streets, signboards and shop windows have to pay attention not only for the functional capabilities of these or those illuminators, but also for their aesthetic qualities.
There is no other sphere, where professionals pursue beauty and attraction of attention, but advertising. And in this sphere it is difficult to overestimate the role of illumination of shop glasses, advertising stands, building fronts, signboards and logotypes. From the largest trade centers and exhibition halls accentual illumination has already came to the home interiors of ordinary citizens. Each of them now aims at creation of personal and unique atmosphere at home.

Lighting used for the decorative aims and also for the attraction of attention to this or that object is called accentual lighting. Facilities, used in all illuminators of this type allow controlling the direction of the light quantity to represent the object in the best possible light.

The last word of technique in the sphere of accentual lighting is light emitting diodes. Unlike their predecessor, LED-spotlights are distinguished not only by economy and long life time (100000 hours or 11 years of non-stop work), but also by their unbounded capability for playing with light that make LED-spotlights extremely attractive for designers. The main quality of LED that provides this very capability is its zero lag. It just provides velocity and light dynamics of LED-spotlights. Traditional types of lamps are usually short-lived, that is why a bright signboard may lose a couple of letters in the most inappropriate moment. Concerning neon string, its lighting effects are as a rule reduced by their extension.

It is not a secret that the quality of decorative illumination today greatly depends not only on the designer’s talent, but on technical capabilities. Technology of light emitting diodes control LE Dynamics, used in the LED-illumination, allows to achieve various effects and play of light. Besides, according to the research of American scientists, LED-illumination can also be used successfully to prevent and cure oculopathies and influence positively on nervous system.

DEG Licht GmbH has been producing LED-spotlights of high quality with IP 66 level of protection that guarantee protection of your illuminators from moisture and dust and allows using them both indoors and outdoors, for some years already. In comparison with many other types of illuminators, there are not any glass bulbs and they are perfectly protected from mechanical failures and acts of vandalism.

One of the most important questions arising while installing light emitting diodes is their safety. In fact LED-spotlights are much safer than their predecessors. At first it is determined by use of small-sectioned wires and power voltage of just 12 volt in contrast to usual 220 volt. That is why the necessity of paying attention to the distance between illuminators and other parts of construction for the avoidance of ignition disappears. Small size and also flexible joints allow installing LED-spotlights to any, even the most difficult, objects.

But in spite of all the simplicity and reliability professional installation of LED-spotlights is required. Otherwise low power consumption will hardly compensate reparation costs. Besides, a nice professional will always help you to select the most acceptable correlation of price and quality of LED-spotlights and give a piece of advice on their disposition.

A wide area of application of our LED-spotlights and also their reasonable prices and true quality will allow making an accent on any objects and also using them for the stage illumination and for achieving of many other functional, aesthetic and emotional goals.


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