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About IR ligthing

Infrared illuminators are manufactured on the basis of high-performance light-emitting diode arrays and individual light-emitting diodes produced by the best Russian and foreign manufacturers.

During production process light-emitting diodes undergo strict incoming control and testing.

Special design and process solutions engineered by our experts provide a means for significant increasing of every element radiation intensity as well as boosting the efficiency of our IR illuminators.

The company manufactures several product lines which have various purpose and characteristics:

  • Close-range illuminators (dist. up to 10m) are used for illumination of offices, garages, storehouses, working areas, lifts, cabins etc.
  • Medium-range illuminators (dist. from 10 up to 60m) are used for illumination of cinemas, night clubs, casinos, car parks, private houses and adjacent territories.
  • Long-range illuminators (dist. from 60 up to 350m) are used for illumination of airfields, tunnels, sports grounds, enterprise territories and other objects.
  • Outdoor cameras are intended for operation in complicated climatic conditions.


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