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About LED lighting

Light diodes are extremely new sources of light that provoke great interest in the whole world. They step-by-step force out such traditional light devices as incandescent lamps with the tungsten filament as well as sodium, mercury and halogen lamps.

Light diodes application area.

Light emitting diodes (LED) were first commonly used as indicators in a wide variety of household appliances, video and audio facilities. At present time LED has perfectly recommended itself in the field of motor-car construction: they are installed to turn indicators and stop-lights. Road signs, traffic lights alphanumeric indicator boards, video displays and many other indicating and informational transfer devices form the application area of LED. And of course light diodes provoke the greatest interest as the way to illuminate streets, fronts and walls of buildings, indoor interiors, passenger compartments, different buildings and constructions.

Advantages of LED

  • Besides the vast application area light emitting diodes have an irrefutable advantage over all other sources of lighting. The case in point is their low power consumption. For example, an ordinary lamp has an average power consumption level of 30-70 watt, at the same time Led-illuminators with the same efficiency of light quantity need only 15-20 watt. The more you use the illumination, the more appreciable will be your benefits.
  • The life time of LED can please even the thriftiest and most diligent owners. It averages neither more nor less than 34 years in case of being exploited for 8 hours a day due to the LED action period of about 100 000 hours without any light quantity deterioration.
  • Reliability and durability. Compared to the traditional light sources LED is less prone to mechanical effects as it does not have any spirals, electrodes, etc.
  • Safety. Lack of UV and infra-red lighting, lack of low-frequency pulsation effect peculiar to the gas-discharge and luminous tube lamps. Low power voltage and consumable current.
  • Quality of colored light is one more achievement of LED-technologies. Each diode has a definite color of narrow spectrum, for example, red, green, etc. There can be several tens or even thousands of light diodes in an illuminator. That is why color capabilities of LED are practically boundless. LED- floodlights that work in the infra-red (invisible) diapason are widely spread and used in security and video surveillance systems (CCTV).
    Low heating temperature and low power currents allow using LED for the places where application of ordinary lamps would be difficult or cause a lot of discomfort, for example, for the shop window illumination in the grocery store or other departments, where special temperature conditions are required: for the illumination of icy sculptures or historical monuments, where use of thick high-powered electrical cables and plugs may damage the building.
  • Modern citizen cannot do without artificial light that became usual for all the spheres of our life. That is why producers of light devices aim at search of the most efficient and convenient solutions. Light emitting diodes are those very technologies that form our brightest future.


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