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Let there be light!

Let there be light!

This site is about what we are used to from birth, without which life is impossible on the planet. About what we are sorely lacking in his absence, the source of which we begin to look at, once the slightest shortage. We dedicate this site to light!

Light is the lovely and multifaceted phenomenon that affects virtually all spheres of human activity, that’s why we have something to say to you, and you may have something to say to us.

This site is designed primarily for professionals engaged in light. We pay great attention to the technical, technological and design aspects of lighting. But we try not to overload our materials and technical information to be interesting and for every inquisitive reader.

We hope that you will help to fill the site with interesting articles and notes, the latest news about your accomplishments and press releases about new developments.

We know that you, just as we are, not dull, dry techies, but rather love and appreciate a good joke, so have prepared for you along with other categories and „Humor“, where together we will laugh at everything worthy of laughter in our field.

We invite you to permanent cooperation – read us, subscribe to the newsletter, discuss articles with us, send your notes.

We are interested in all of the light and its application: the physical and chemical processes associated with natural and artificial light, the use of light in a person’s life and production of: architectural lighting, landscape lighting, caves and bridges, light industry and agriculture. We want to share knowledge about new technology of LEDs, about new trends in lighting design, how to make the lighting safe and secure!

Let there be light!


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