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Spotlights Series GT-03 with low power consumption (3 Watts) solve the problems of local illumination and lighting of small objects. Series GT-03 has white (warm WW, cool WC, neutral WN) and RGB light. Monochrome spotlights have PWM control (dimming), RGB spotlights have DMX control. There are modules allowing connection of PWM controlled spotlights to a DMX controller.

GT-03 spotlights are suitable for operation in harsh environments, sea water and under water. They can be used for architectural lighting, as the park lights, for caves illumination, embankments illumination, on ships and underwater lighting.
The unique design of the housing made of stainless steel and polycarbonate makes possible to avoid galvanic corrosion emergence between various metals. The aluminum radiator is covered with a special ceramic compound for protection from the environment.

GT-03 series includes spotlights with beam angles 10, 30, 40 and 10×40 degrees.

Product Specifications

Pattern GT
Power 3 W
Viewing angle 30 °
Light color ROY
Controlling /-PWM
EAN number 4'260'204'621'173
Supply 15VDC-35VDC V
Wave length 450nm-465nm
Color Temperature -
Efficiency -
Quantity of LED's 2
LED manufacturer Cree
Illumination's distance 80 m
Appliance class III
IP Class IP68
Material Stainless steel
Case color -
Safeness -
Type of connection 3-lead cable
Dimensions 55x82x108 mm
Weight 390 g
Type of montage wall fastening
Ambient temperature -30°C - +60°C
Warranty 3 years
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Page information

GT-0330ROY - 3 watts Royal Blue LED spotlight for architectural and accent illumination
Spotlights for architectural lighting and for operating in a harsh environment, sea water and under water.
Model: GT-0330ROY
Product ID: 260
Brand: Cave Lighting
Manufacturer: Cave Lighting CL GmbH & Co.KG
159 EUR


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