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Team DEG Licht GmbH

Product Specifications

Pattern GT
Power 13 W
Viewing angle 10 °
Light color RDO
Controlling /-PWM
EAN number 4'260'204'621'982
Supply 15VDC-35VDC V
Wave length 610nm-620nm
Color Temperature -
Efficiency -
Quantity of LED's 9
LED manufacturer Cree
Illumination's distance 100 m
Appliance class III
IP Class IP68
Material Stainless steel
Case color -
Safeness -
Type of connection 3-lead cable
Dimensions 106x122x160 mm
Weight 1350 g
Type of montage wall fastening
Ambient temperature -30°C - +60°C
Warranty 3 years
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Page information

GT-1310RDO/-PWM - 13 watts Red Orange LED spotlight fully protected
Spotlights for architectural lighting and for operating in a harsh environment, sea water and under water.
Model: GT-1310RDO/-PWM
Product ID: 303
Brand: Cave Lighting
Manufacturer: Cave Lighting CL GmbH & Co.KG
459 EUR


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