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DEG Licht GmbH
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Accent and street lighting, IR lighting for CCTV, lighting solutions in aggressive environment (caves, salt water), explosion-proof spotlights.

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Тo the exhibition «Light + Building 2016» which will be held 13-18.03.2016, Frankfurt am Main. We randomly select 16 people who filled out the form. We send them voucher for visiting this exhibition.

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Company specializes in the production and sale of LED spotlights for special purposes

Team DEG Licht GmbH

We will write simply and honestly: we are a small team of developers. We just pack light in the tech environment. Each of our spotlights is a little invention that solves technical or technological problem.

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We do spotlights for:

Accent and street lighting
IR lighting for CCTV
Lighting solutions in aggressive environment
(caves, salt water)
Explosion-proof spotlights
Architectural lighting and spotlight for safety systems

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Projects we are proud of

More than 1,000 projects have been executed using our equipment, by DEG Licht itself or in a co-operation with the project bureaus. Our equipment has an application in various areas: architectural lighting, accent lighting, bridges and tunnels lighting, caves and dungeons lighting, light show, sea application, street and promo lighting.

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Lowest price of beer

Each person who will fill out the form will receive free beer at the exhibition from DEG LICHT GMBH team

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We give a glass of beer to each person who will fill out the form and print coupon or ask a professional question to employee at our stand at the exhibition.

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Solving problems

Our company has developed a unique technologys that can help you solve a number of practical problems


The system for providing safety storage operations by light signaling

Risks of service and maintenance personnel can be minimized by warning light signaling. Blue spot safety light allows a person in the area of working fork-lifts to notice the movement of equipment, even located outside the field of vision, to estimate the distance, speed, direction of movement, to leave the dangerous zone or take other action to ensure your security.

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Lighting of streets and highways of any category, lighting of bridges and railway platforms

Utilitarian LED lighting «FOUR LIGHT» has a number of advantages: Double thickness aluminum alloy housing or oxide coated. All contacts between different metals pass only through insulating spacers. Soft mount a protective polycarbonate glass with a relief valve. Optics is not used. The use of high-quality reflectors. Compliance with IP65 and many others advantages ...

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For our products during 2016. This discount is added to the acting dealer's discount.


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