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The first international design seminar

The first international design seminar dedicated to accent lighting in architectural lighting took place at the Aegean coast of Kea on November 20-24th, 2014.

Let there be light!

This site is about what we are used to from birth, without which life is impossible on the planet. About what we are sorely lacking in his absence, the source of which we begin to look at...

Balcarka cave

This cave is situated in the northern part of Moravský kras (Moravian Karst), in picturesque part of Suchý žleb (Dry Valley) close to Ostrov u Macochy in nature reserved area called Vintoky...


The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Architectural led lighting for decorating remarkable sights of big cities has recently become extremely popular. We cannot but admire with wonderful illumination of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New-York City.

Accent lighting: a new trend in architectural lighting

It is difficult today to imagine a megapolis without its lights, garlands and neon signboards. Lamps of different types and sizes are now used not only for the satisfaction of basic human needs consisting in the lighting of the room in the night, but also as a way to attract attention.

How to maximize savings using LED lighting

How to maximize savings using LED lighting

It is known that LEDs consist of a semiconductor chip which emits light energy near ultraviolet level and phosphors which converts the energy into radiation of a wide spectrum, which is visually perceived as a white color. The luminous flux is directly dependent on the radiation power of the crystal which is directly proportional to the operating current and inversely proportional to the transition temperature. It is obvious that the radiation increases with increasing current and decreases with increasing temperature.

From the viewpoint of saving the most important is the indicator of the light output: radiation power ratio to the power consumption.

How does a ripple of light affect the human body

How does a ripple of light affect the human body

It therefore becomes apparent the use of modern energy-saving lighting. But, unfortunately, modern lighting systems have their drawbacks:

1. The rather high price,
2. Lack of proper use experience,
3. A large number of defective products,
4. Parameters of the light sources do not meet the standard documentation,
5. Elevated pulsation of light. Let’s consider how the ripple of light effects on the human body.

Cave eco-friendly light systems. Projection and installation

This article is in the process of development


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